Acupuncture has a broad range of applications such as rehabilitation and pain management (both acute and chronic). The process involves introducing fine needles at various depths on the patient’s body. This encourages the body’s natural healing process. The result is a flood of endorphins and anti-inflammatory agents rush to the site to provide healing and relief. Benefits range from repairing of soft tissue and nerve damage to reducing stiffness and pain.

  • Applicable conditions include sports injuries, arthritis, anxiety/depression, arthritis, allergies, hypertension, insomnia, bladder/kidney infections, digestive irregularity, nausea, PMS, menopause symptoms and the common cold. 

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Dr. Michael Torreiter, ND, CFMP

Dr. Michael Torreiter obtained his Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine designation at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. 

About half of Dr. Michael’s practice is focused on Precision Nutrition — a comprehensive weight management and lifestyle program that helps people lose weight, gain weight or just improve their diet. In addition, he treats a variety of conditions including digestive concerns, stress and anxiety, musculoskeletal pain, hormonal imbalance and....  Read more

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Dr. Rachel VandenBerg, ND

Dr. Rachel VandenBerg, ND, CFMP

Dr. Rachel VandenBerg is a naturopath, educator and mother. A graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. She is committed to getting at the root of health concerns and believes strongly in patient education and informed decisions. She takes the time to talk with her patients about their options and supports them in the choices they make. Her practice focuses on hormone balancing, fertility and breast cancer care...  Read more

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